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Curriculum Organisation: Reigate Upper School


Reigate Campus is a temporary base for the Year 10 and Year 11 pupils who attended the Dorking Campus in the 2016/2017 school year. Most lessons will be taught on site at Reigate, however more specialist subjects such as Design Technology, Physical Education and Science can only be taught at Merstham. Pupils on those educational programmes will move across to Merstham on specific days so that they can continue with their education uninterrupted.


All pupils follow English and Maths GCSE Courses and have the opportunity to select four further subjects of their choice. Pupils are encouraged to choose subjects they are interested in and which will provide them with the greatest opportunity to succeed. A range of GCSE and Level 1/2 Vocational Courses are offered to ensure that each pupil, regardless of ability, has access to a broad and varied curriculum. Some pupils benefit from a slightly reduced curriculum offer and may opt for a Life Skills Option which (though non-accredited) allows for additional literacy/numeracy support and Life Skills development via the MyLife course.


The following Accredited Option Subjects are available:


  • GCSE Science (Biology)
  • GCSE Geography
  • GCSE Art
  • GCSE Physical Education (Short Course)
  • GCSE Design Technology: Resistant Materials
  • Level 1 Hospitality & Catering
  • Level 2 Music Technology


The timetable is arranged as follows:


  • 3.5 lessons of English and Maths across the year
  • 3 lessons each for the 4 Option Subject
  • 1 lesson per week of PSHE&SRE in Year 10 and 11, which is based on the MyLife course.
  • 4 Physical Education sessions


Following the introduction of Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) all tutors are responsible for creating Individual Learning Plans/Pathways which are centred on core subject targets to maximise learning. The EHCPs are developed following a multi-agency meeting to identify and establish those areas where pupils are likely to experience success and be better prepared for the responsibilities of adult life.


In addition to the learning programme in School, all pupils engage in a ‘link day’ with a local further education college. Each year, pupils’ interests are sought and college placements identified to best meet need.


  • For the following two years, Year 10 pupils will follow either:
    • A School Link Course, where they will be taught alongside pupils from other local mainstream schools. The link course is a half day Motor Vehicle Studies at Level 1 and a half day of Mixed Construction at Level 1.
    • A Level 1/2 Diploma Course in Creative iMedia, which is offered as an alternative to college for more ICT minded pupils. This is taught on site at Reigate.


  • Year 11 pupils will each be following a personalised programme for one day a week, following successful completion of a BTEC Level 1 Award in Vocation Studies at Nescot College in Year 10. Further learning opportunities are provided through Sporting Chances, the Skills and Integrated Learning Centre (SILC) and via Work Experience.


The School has a specific Post 16 Co-ordinator (shared with Merstham Campus) who provides guidance and support to parents/carers and pupils in the transition to further education or employment. The Post 16 Co-ordinator will guide pupils through the application and interview process accompanying pupils to colleges where required. Pupils are then tracked for a further two years after leaving School and advice is available to help re-engage them in learning or progress on to the world of work. The aim is to provide a smooth transition from Chart Wood School and above all else, to develop their confidence to try new challenges; to make new friends and to develop as personable and impressionable young men.


Pupils are provided with opportunities to participate in work experience and the School will try to facilitate this wherever possible - even if this means providing additional adult support throughout the programme. As far as possible, work placements are matched to pupils’ interests. Some pupils, particularly those who have a specific vocational interest, may engage in on-going work experience one day a week, or may pursue a more intensive course offered by alternative providers such as the Skills and Integrated Learning Centre (SILC) and Sporting Chances. For these pupils, a true insight into the world of work often leads to either an apprenticeship offer at post 16 or transition to full employment.


Disapplication from the National curriculum will only be sought in very exceptional circumstances.