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Speech, Language & Communication Therapy

The Speech and Language Team at Chart Wood School is dedicated to providing a pupil-centred therapy service to support pupils’ speech, language and communication needs. Their aim is to enable pupils to reach their communicative potential enabling them to access all that they need to whether that is the curriculum or building friendships with peers.


The role of the Speech and Language Therapists is to work not only directly with pupils to support them with specific skills, but to work closely with School staff to provide support and training in how speech, language and communication needs can be supported within the classroom. Therapy sessions are delivered in 1:1, small group or classroom based sessions. The appropriate form of therapy is determined by the speech and language team dependent upon the needs of the pupil.


S&LT can be accessed at any time through consultation with the Speech and Language Team and after appropriate written consent has been received from parents/carers.


Some of the areas that are targeted by the Speech and Language team are:

  • Listening skills
  • Vocabulary building
  • Understanding of instructions
  • Understanding of emotions
  • Developing social skills
  • Developing the pupil’s use of language to support them in clearly explaining their ideas
  • Targeting the development of speech sounds if this is an area of need


Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between communication difficulties and behaviour and therefore speech and language therapy has a key role to play in supporting pupils within the School.


Upon admission to CWS, your son’s Speech, Language and Communication Needs will be assessed and where there is a need for S&LT, you will be contacted. With your agreement, the therapist will work with you, your child and the School so that he leaves School better able to cope with demands and expectations of adult life.