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School Vision & Ethos

School Vision


To provide purposeful educational experiences which are underpinned by sound academic, vocational, social and recreational opportunities appropriate to the needs, interests and abilities of all pupils.


The curriculum will be led by learned and caring professionals who are passionate about their area/s of expertise, and who believe all children (regardless of age, social circumstance, heritage, gender, sexuality or religion) can experience success, lead empathetic lives and fill productive roles as members of society.


To this end, Chart Wood School aims to provide a stimulating, safe, supportive and ordered environment in which the whole community is encouraged to ask questions, share ideas, take risks and learn through experience. We appreciate the unique cultural and social diversity of our members and seek to encourage co-operation and participation in all aspects of School life so that everyone is heard and everyone is valued.





School Ethos


Pupils, staff, parents and visitors will show respect for, acceptance of and responsibility to ourselves, each other and the wider community.






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