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Boarding Mission Statement & Organisation



Aims and Ethos


To assist and support children to grow and develop physically, emotionally and socially. This will be achieved by providing them with a safe, consistent and enjoyable environment which improves their confidence and self-esteem, and enables them to realise their full potential.





We offer children a flexible boarding placement which is dependent on the needs of the child and his family. This is currently under review by Surrey County Council and it is likely that from September 2018, there will be a strict boarding admissions procedure that all Surrey Residential Schools will need to follow and which is linked to your son’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).





This is promoted by the provision of a clean, well-maintained and orderly environment. Boarders are encouraged to respect their surroundings and each other with fair, clear and consistent expectations around behaviour. This helps to create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect between children and adults.


All activities undertaken within boarding (on/off site) have been risk assessed by staff to identify potential hazards or dangers prior to a boarder’s participation.


Overnight, the School employs a Waking Night Officer who manages any issues around children settling. S/he also ensures that the building is safe; that all external doors are locked and that regular checks are conducted to ensure boarders are safe.


Additionally, another member of staff sleeps overnight and is easily contactable in case of an emergency. And, when all else fails, a member of the School’s Leadership is on call and available at any time of the evening/night for further assistance.





The care team are highly supportive of every child and work to cater for his needs (via a child specific Care Plan). Care plans are child-friendly and completed in consultation with you and your son and will include targets around supporting learning in School and the development of social and emotional skills.


Staff seek every opportunity to praise and reward children and believe that positive reinforcement is crucial in supporting the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. We believe these attributes underpin the way children view themselves; how they relate to others and how they will tackle the everyday challenges that life may ‘throw at them.’


Each boarder has a named keyworker, who works closely with teaching colleagues and you. They meet with your son on a regular basis to discuss progress; areas of concern and to provide 1:1 guidance and support. Keyworkers will make regular contact with you and the School so that everyone is working collaboratively to provide your child with the best opportunities to succeed.




Consistency of Adult Support


Having at least three members of staff on duty every afternoon and evening (Monday to Thursday) provides children with a stable and consistent environment and avoids the confusion of multiple members of staff working different shift patterns all with varying standards and approaches to their work.






When your child becomes a boarder he will participate in a wide range of activities and learning experiences. These are designed/created appropriate to his age, interests and abilities. Boarders are fortunate enough to have access to many of the School’s facilities including, a flood lit 5-a side football pitch, playing fields, gymnasium and outdoor swimming pool. The sorts of activities your son might choose include:


  • Pool
  • Consoles – PS3, Wii, X-box
  • Table Tennis
  • Night Hike
  • War Hammer
  • Movies in the Cinema room
  • Independent Living
  • Nerf activities
  • Dodgeball
  • Art & Craft
  • Cooking
  • Themed/Cultural Evenings
  • Bikes and Go-Karts
  • Karaoke/Dance
  • Additional Learning
  • Sensory Room


We also arrange a variety of trips off-site for activities such as indoor swimming, ice skating, bowling, cinema, shopping; and visits to local towns, parks, woods and adventure playgrounds.


All boys are automatically offered the opportunity to access the activities available at the time. Missing out on a choice of activity is at staff discretion especially where your son’s behaviour was unacceptable/risky the evening before or when he participated in the activity previously.





Boarders are actively encouraged to undertake additional learning to support their academic progress. This can take the form of art clubs, reading to a member of staff, completing homework set by teachers, Mathletics tasks or other independent learning activities.






Bev Still

Head of Care CWS