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The aim at Chart Wood School is that all pupils have a right to access a curriculum that is of outstanding quality, meaningful and appropriate to their individual needs whilst not compromising their entitlement as learners with special needs. Lessons at Chart Wood School should motivate, engage and excite our pupils. Clear routes of progression and development within curriculum planning result in coherence and continuity throughout the School.


With the complex learning and behaviour needs of the pupils being admitted to Chart Wood School, we acknowledge that the needs of the individual are central and that the provision offered should be sufficiently flexible to enable pupils to be placed at an appropriately challenging point on the educational continuum at any time during their School career.


This School works in partnership with parents/carers and their views along with their child’s are taken into account in achieving the appropriate balance between pupils’ rights to curriculum access and the need for some to access other experiences such as alternative curriculum, mainstream inclusion, therapy or intensive tuition to enhance or consolidate core skills. Curriculum development in conjunction with the needs of the individual, strives to ensure maximum progress for all pupils.

Currently subject overviews are being created for the 2018-2019 academic year, these will be uploaded to this page by the end of Summer term 2018.